What you need I need too


I really, really like the song Blood Brothers by Ingrid Michaelson which I discovered on the weekend while reading a book. A not-so-great romance novel but still. Some good came out of that read since the way this song was referenced caught my attention.

It’s such an earworm that I have it on constant replay these days on my iPod. I listen to it in the car on my way to work (and home again). I listen to it while prepping dinner. I sing it to myself (under my breath of course) perusing the grocery aisle. Yes, I’m stuck on this song.

The video of “Blood Brothers” is a time-lapse of Ingrid getting morphed into various famous people. Pretty crazy what make-up artists can do to recreate a person into someone new (or something else for that matter). Check it out.

Life anthems

I like how a specific song can be the perfect fit for how I’m feeling. An anthem or theme song for my life. For a short while anyway.

(Case in point: Where Them Girls At was my previous life anthem. Hey, sometimes you just need a song with a good beat you can dance to.)

With how crappy the end of 2012 was and me wanting to bury myself in a book all the time, I could use some uplifting reminders about the goodness of people. That “what I need you need too.” That we’re all in this together. In all the ways life manifests itself.

What’s a song on permanent replay for you right now?

Earwormin’ it…

** Phonograph photo credit to Ingrid Michaelson

5 Responses to “What you need I need too”

  1. Lynn

    I’ve just discovered Ho Hey by the Lumineers. LOVE IT. But if I have to be honest…I admit that thanks to my eight-year-old daughter, I mostly have One Direction songs on constant repeat in my head. I hate it that I love it!
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    • Melany Gallant

      Oh One Direction! I know what you mean. I get things like the Dora theme song or Olivia theme song stuck in my head. Life with a toddler. 🙂

  2. Stef

    No matter how many new songs I fall in love with “End of the Line” by the Travelling Wilburys always sticks with me. To me it’s just about living the life you want and seeing the big picture 🙂

  3. ingrid

    Stef hit it right on! I hit replay all the time on that song. Have loved it since I first heard it. End of the line…great lyrics and tune.


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