My grandmother


When I was a little, little girl my mom got sick and was hospitalized. A single mother at the time, her family stepped in to care for my brother and me (my sister wasn’t born yet). I went to live with my grandparents (my mom’s parents) and my brother went to live with our aunt … Continued

Shakin up

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I witnessed a car accident Monday morning. As I was sitting at an intersection waiting for the light to turn, two cars raced the light. One turning left. The other going straight through. They slammed into each other. Hard. The drivers were the only people in the vehicles and although both were seriously injured, it … Continued

Passing on the GGDOttawa dinner plate torch

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A few years ago, I along with two other rockin’ ladies — Kelly and Veronica — decided to organize an Ottawa chapter of Girl Geek Dinners (GGDOttawa). Our goal was to form a community of women with a passion for technology. Since 2009, this community has grown to over 1300 members strong and I’m incredibly honoured to count myself … Continued