Have you set up Google Authorship on your blog yet?


Google kindly emailed me today to let me know that I’ve established authorship on one of my blogs. Which means my Google profile photo¬†and a link to my Google+ profile can now appear next to my content in search results. It looks like this: My example doesn’t use an actual article from Confessions of a … Continued

What are you doing this fall season? I have good times ahead…


This summer has flown by awful fast. I can’t believe it’s September. I am stupefied over it. Even if I don’t believe the date on the calendar, I have to accept that it’s September because my allergies are driving me buggy! I want to scratch out my eyes and snip the end off my itchy … Continued

Let the girl be a shark already, and the boy a bumblebee


I’m a huge online shopper, much to my husband’s chagrin. I love the convenience of it. Especially when it comes to purchasing clothes for Sweet Girl. I know her size, I know what she needs. Why would I lug myself (and potentially herself) down to the mall when I can buy what she needs in … Continued

I’m a badass hundredaire!


Fair warning. This post is rather shallow. Or reflects shallowly (word?) upon me. I’m rich in all the things that count. Like family, friends and toddler artwork. I live in a beautiful (if still somewhat dated) home in the ‘burbs. It’s a nice kind of ‘burbs…with mature trees, winding trails and beautiful parks. Walk through … Continued